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The Majestic Creatures: Looking at the Dragon Names

Wednesday 24 January 2018 at 07:56 am.

Dragons are known to be the greatest creatures existing in mystical fantasy plots, existing in all shapes and sizes, can be used as mounts or pets and even worshipped as deities for the followers. They are usually known for the horns, the elongated bodies, talons on their appendages, the tails and whiskers, and even the majestic wings that allow them to fly. They can either stand on their own two feet or even crawl around on all fours and they can hold weapons or just conjure up various magic spells. Basically, people know that something big is about to occur in a fantasy world when there is a dragon involved.

Many people are wondering what is up with the cool dragon names and why they are such named in a certain way. It is best that the reasons will be explained further.

Behind the Handles


The shade of their scales and skin may be an indicator of the title, such as adding ‘the Red’ or ‘the Azure’ after the names or the shade before the actual name.


Air, fire, earth, lightning, light, and darkness can also be included in the dragon names as proof that they have such magic in the arsenal, and it may be best not to mess with such elements unless someone is prepared to do so.


The personalities may also be an indicator to a dragon’s identity, such as adding in ‘the’ followed by an adjective to define who they are based on the demeanor, either in or out of the battlefield or even both.

Skill Level or Promotions

Titles or dragon names may also change when they evolve or receive new powers from multiple reasons, like training hard or when someone dies and the gift is passed on, or even inherited from parents.

Indeed, cool dragon names can be made possible with those pointers in mind, though it is best to expand creativity for a better name for such tremendous beings.